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Hoof Pastern Alignment 

Sometimes feet that are less than ideal are not so obvious. However some simple mechanical realignment can help gain a healthier foot and ideally start to grow enough heel to get natural alignment. 
In the after photos you can notice a difference in how the legs are positioned under the horse and helping to support the horse as they should. 
This horse has some internal trauma to the foot which was the reason for veterinary involvement. It is also suffering from long toe and low heel. This contributes to poor blood flow, weight distribution and ultimately thin soles and poor growth. 
This horse is in outdoor muddy turnout so bar shoes were not the best option. However a frog support pad, a wedge pad and some pour in equipak material was the chosen package between myself and the vet. 
The better alignment and frog support will help restore proper blood flow to the foot. This will allow for faster heeling and help to grow heel as we pull the toe back to where it should be as per the radiographs.

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