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Laminitic with Eva foam leather clogs

Some farriers will disagree with this method. However many have positive results with this. This a laminitic mare. You can see the sinking and misalignment in the radiographs. Very little sole depth.
With this package she’s now comfortable and in a position to heal, presuming her insulin resistance remains under control.
These are EVA leather clogs. They will conform to the horses sole giving full solar and frog support. They also allow the horse to wedge herself the correct amount for proper phalangeal alignment. This alignment and support is key to regenerating internal structures and allowing proper blood flow. 
The clogs are screwed on from the top. This is done instead of nails from the bottom because you don’t get vibrations from the nails resonating into the overly sensitive laminitic foot. 
The heel bulbs are then protected with dental impression material and the foot is casted with fibreglass casting material. The casting allows me to be more aggressive in my trim to remove distortion. This allows for new growth to come in clean and functional and removes excess leverage. 
When dealing with laminitis the shoeing prescription serves primarily to keep the horse comfortable. The rest lies primarily on the owner and veterinarian to come up with a dietary program to manage. In the case of pituitary dysfunction a drug management program may also be involved. The success of any laminitis case is dependent purely on owner management. 
Feeling bad for muzzling a laminitic horse, sneaking them grain and treats can literally kill them.

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